"The amount of support that everyone is willing to give is unbelievable."

This year was my first year at Ok Dday and the CEF. Dday was awesome and all the refs I met along the way did a great job! I was recruited by the CEF from the Dday forum. From that point I was truley amazed with the organization of this team. 

two words: Paintball Networking

two words: Paintball Networking
The CEF is an organization that has deep roots at Dday but it offers so much more. Dday 2013 is a great way to get a foot in the door of one of the most comprehensive world wide paintball networks (by players) in the world. 

"The CEF is so organized, and committed to its players, it makes the decision pretty clear IMO"

I have only been with the CEF for three years now. But in that time, it has been awesome.