Commanding Officer: Col Chris "Goose" Gousset

The largest and oldest unit in the Commonwealth, the 1st Canadian Parachute Infantry are the Commonwealth's shock troops. Inserting behind the German lines at game on, the CanPara are called on to seize the most important target and spearhead the toughest assaults. Formed of some of the best and most dedicated players the Commonwealth has to offer, the CanPara are one of the best-known and most effective units in the Allied army.

The CanParas are formed almost exclusively of multiple-year D-Day veterans, with admission only by invite. Known for their ability to descend on an objective with the force of a hurricane, the 1st Canadian Parachute Infantry are the first choice when the Allies need an objective taken, right now.



Dropped east of the Orne river with the objective of securing the southern flank of the 9th Battalion's assault on the German battery at Merville, the scattered Canadian Paratroopers began to link up, destroying several secondary objectives during their regroup. Eventually regrouping at Le Mesnil, the Canadians held the flank and dug in to weather the German counterattack. On June 7th, the Battalion was assaulted by two German Grenadier regiments, a battle lasting 8 days. When the dust settled, the Canadians had held the line and repulsed both regiments.

Register for the 1st Canadian Parachute Infantry - When you register, choose 'Allied Forces', and send an e-mail to your CO to indicate your unit preference.

NOTE: Since returning veterans are given priority in the event of insufficient billets, new players may be moved to either the BritPara or the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Please contact Tac-One upon registering to confirm your status!