Commanding Officer:Col Alan "General" Murray

Comprised mainly of the UK Scenario Team, the 9th British Parachute Infantry are the masters of tactics. Where the CanPara form the spearhead of the Commonwealth's airborne assault, the BritPara are the dagger, sent to capture key positions, cut off reinforcements and repulse flanking maneuvers. Extremely well-trained and experienced, the BritPara are some of the most valuable troops in the Commonwealth arsenal. A BritPara knows that, at D-Day, the most important assets are points, not eliminations. Never ones to get bogged down in meaningless firefights, the BritParas, with numerous years of D-Day experience and many more games played literally internationally under their belts, never fail to take their objectives and provide the crucial tactical support to a Commonwealth assault.


One of the first of the 6th Airborne on the ground in the Invasion of Normandy, the 9th was tasked with destroying the Merville artillery battery and holding the town of Le Plein. The drops had scattered the

9th all over the countryside and, by the time of their assault, they were missing numerous essential members and equipment. However, recognizing the importance of silencing the battery, the 9th launched their assault anyways. Despite taking heavy casualties, the 9th seized and disabled the battery in under an hour, then carried their assault to Le Plein, destroying the German garrison there as well before digging in to hold the town.

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