Commanding Officer: Cpt Howard Clark

One of the units tasked with taking Sword Beach from the Germans, the Canadian Scottish Infantry form the spearhead of the Commonwealth's Infantry assault. Formed in 2007, the Scots quickly gained a reputation for fearless charges, never passing up an opportunity to storm a trench or assault a bunker-anything to be kilt-deep in the thickest fighting on the field at any given point.

A Scot is never found hunkering behind a bunker, hanging back and longballing.They live to charge the lines, storm the defenses and run the Germans out of their holes. Fewer things are more impressive than the sight of the Canadian Scottish Infantry punching through the German defenses-and, given their predisposition to the art of the charge, a common sight as well.

C Company of the Canadian Scottish Infantry was attached to the Royal Winnipeg Rifles for the assault on Juno Beach during the Invasion of Normady. Tasked with assaulting a German gun battery, the CanScots had silenced the battery and cleared the beach in under an hour. Joining the rest of their battalion after the beaches were cleared, the CanScots pushed six miles inland, capturing over two thousand German prisoners. In addition, they suffered few casualties, and many of the casualties were seen ignoring their wounds in favour of helping to carry the assault. By the end of the day, they had advanced further then any other Commonwealth assault brigade.

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