Commanding Officer: Lt Josh "Harly Punk" Adams


Reactivated for D-Day '10 in anticipation of a rebuilt Sword Beach and greater emphasis on AOR South, the Rifles join the Canadian Scottish Infantry and the East Yorkshire Regiment in assaulting Sword Beach. A blank slate, the Rifles are looking to carve our their own unique form in the pursuit of victory. However, regardless of how they form, one thing is for certain-they will carry on the reputation for tenacity and hard fighting of the 3rd Infantry.

In 2011, the 3rd Infantry were tasked with assualting the entire southern AOR, completely unsupported, in order to tie up the German divisions in the area to prevent them from moving north and flanking the Airborne-lead assaults on Coeville, Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. Despite being complete unsupported, the 3rd Infantry took Sword Beach in nearly record time, and kept numerous German units bottled up in the city of Caen for the entire game, relentlessly sieging it with the support of the Royal Hussars for the entire day.

Tasked with the assaulting Juno Beach, the Royal Winnipeg Rifles faced a beach virtually untouched by the Allied bombardment, crisscrossed by mines and barbed wire and manned by shaken but untouched German defenses. In addition, the Rifles, despite being among the best-trained troops taking part in the Normandy invasion, had never seen real combat. Despite this, the Rifles charged the beach without hesitation. Despite serious casualties, the Rifles dug in and began to clear the German positions, holding long enough for their armoured support to arrive. Once the tanks arrived, the Rifles rushed the German positions, many of the German defenders surrendering when they saw that the Canadian troops, even after being bombarded with everything they had, had lost none of their fighting spirit or fearlessness. After clearing the beach, the Rifles began to push inland, pushing further than anybody expected.


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