41 Royal Marines Commando

Commanding Officer: Cpt James "Morpheus" Burns

The 41 Royal Marines Commando deploy behind German lines to cause havoc and disruption to the German defenses. RMC missions are frequently classified, without even other Commonwealth troops knowing their exact objectives-their missions come straight from the top. Equal parts ruthless and devious, the RMC use their small numbers and stealthy demeanor to sneak in, cause havoc and get out before the Germans even know they're there.

A small, tight-knit group, the RMC rely on each other more then anything-each are trusted to know what their job is and to get it done, no matter what happens. Veritable jacks-of-all-trades, the 41st Royal Marines Commando will be called upon to do nearly any job-and called upon with the confidence that they'll get it done.


No 41 Royal Marine Commando was the senior unit in the 4th Special Service Brigade, and were tasked with supporting the assault by the 3rd Infantry Division on Sword Beach. As they came ashore under moderate fire, they lost several men including their Regimental Sergeant Major, the Naval Forward Observation Officer and the second in command. Once clear of the beach defences they found themselves in a relatively quiet sector. From their assembly area they marched down the coastal road toward Lion-sur-Mer joined by several AVREs from the Royal Engineers. As they approached the town, a German PaK 38 gun ambushed the tanks destroying all three and stalling the assault.  Other troops had been moving ahead on to their second objective at the Chateau, but were attacked on their approach and forced back. Facing overwhelming defences and artillery, the commandos dug in and awaited reinforcements. The Commandos were joined by the Lincolnshire Regiment and began final assault on the strongpoint and chateau. Once the two units had defeated the position, 41 Commando moved out alone to Luc-sur-mer. They found the town undefended and dug in to wait for their comrades to join them from the Canadian beach.

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