Commanding Officer: Cpt Wayne "Splatmaster" Smith

The East Yorkshire Regiment is tasked with assaulting Sword Beach, alongside the Canadian Scottish Infantry and the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. One of the original founding Commonwealth units, the Yorkshires have a long history of success, with an almost perfect achevement record despite the overwhelming odds put up by the German defenders. Forming the anvil to the CanScot's hammer, the Yorkshires are known for their incredible tenacity in their beach assaults.

With the grit and tenacity of their real-world counterparts, a member of the Yorkshires is tough and steadfast, never wavering despite the opposition and never willing to back down from a fight, allow a defensive line to fold or letting an assault faulter.

The East Yorkshire Regiment, first raised in 1685, held a long and storied history by 1944, where they were one of the units who took place in the Invasion of Normandy. Tasked with the invasion of Sword Beach, the Yorkshires hit the beach at 0725hrs. Their task was to break through the beach defenses and eliminate Strong Points Cod and Sole, a German gun emplacement built around a 75mm gun. Despite heavy resistance, the Yorkshires, with the typical tenacity of the Commonwealth troops, assaulted the German defenses and had overrun Cod by 1000hrs and Sole by 1300hrs, with their second objective, another gun emplacment called the Daimler Battery, taken out 1800hrs. Despite heavy resistance, the Yorkshires suffered reasonably few casualties and became one of the few units in the Invasion of Normady to successfully take all their objectives.

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