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Check out the latest wicked product from the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force! Get yours at Oklahoma DDAY to enjoy a frosty canned beverage of choice in the sweltering Oklahoma sun.

"Dday 2016 Info - June 13-18, 2016"

So you decided to attend Oklahoma D-Day 2016 with the CEF. Congrats on making the smart choice. Below is some important information to help you get started on making Oklahoma D-Day one of the BEST week of paintball you will ever play. 

"CEF Recruitment 1"


"Join the Commonwealth!!!"

  The Commonwealth Expeditionary Force is an international paintball team featuring players from across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. Our main even is Oklahoma D-Day, where we fight as a unified force. Join our ranks for the 15th anniversary of OK D-Day next June! www.alex-car.com.uahttp://avtomaticheskij-poliv.com.uahttp://etalon.com.uameta-osvita.com

"DDAY 2011 Join the CEF!!!"

  Join the Commonwealth at Oklahoma D-Day 2011!!! Check out our website at www.ddaycommonwealth.com www.e-light-security.jphttp://1or0.info/www.curet.jp/http://別れさせ屋方法.com/

"Join Oklahoma D-Day for 2011!!!!!"


What is Oklahoma D-Day?


"Commonwealth Recruitment 3"


"OK DDAY High Tea 2010"


"OK DDAY Helicopter Ride"

  A helicopter ride around Oklahoma DDAY Adventure Park! www.babyforyou.org/http://cardhub.com.uawww.jaamboo.com.uahttp://nayka.in.ua/

"Commonwealth Expeditionary Force around camp"


"CEF to arms at Oklahoma DDAY!!!"

  To arms my brothers, my countrymen, my compatriots and my colleagues. To the best conflict our time has ever known, perhaps to our deaths. But always, onward to victory! http://avtomaticheskij-poliv.com.ua/www.budlux.com.uah-school.kiev.uahttp://nayka.in.ua/

"CEF Cafe at Oklahoma DDAY"

  The victorious forces of the CEF swept into Caen at Oklahoma DDAY after much opposition from determined opposition. To celebrate, they opened a cafe and consumed libations and feasted upon the finest delicacies from across the countryside. Enjoy this film! http://armadio.net.uabarkar.com.ua/www.goodgoods.com.ua/www.mexes.com.ua/

""Shine wars" moonshiners vs. Revenue agents"

April 19, 2014
Michael James will be the XO of the moonshiners, and your local CEF contact for any questions..

"Fulda Gap 2014"


"The Battle of Little Powderhorn"

August 2-3, 2014 - The Battle of Little Powderhorn Scenario Paintball Game - Colorado

"Supergame 49"

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SuperGame Trailer

"Staargate 2014 "

September 13/14 2014 - Staargate

"Sennybridge 2014"

July 12/13 2014 - Sennybridge

"The Citadel 2014"

May 9/10/11 2014 - The Citadel, Givet