"Glossary of Terms"



Here you will find a list of AAR's (After Action Reports) from various Commonwealth units and sources. If you'd like to have an AAR posted, let one of the webmasters know.

"Recruitment Forum Links"

CEF Recruitment Threads from around the world. If you have a CEF Recruitment thread started, please contact TBS_Souter, to add to the list.. 

" I felt so much at home even though home was 36 hours away in Nevada."

My first DDAY was in 2011.

Travel with an Air tank in Europe

Air tanks in europe need to have PI/PYE markings on the tank.  DOT tanks from the usa can only be used as paper weights.  

"Paintball Scene Magazine"


"CEF Polo"


"coming soon"

coming soon

"Staargate 2014 "

September 13/14 2014 - Staargate

"March 29, 2014 - Tour of Duty 03 "Revenge of the Fallen" "

More info soon

""Shine wars" moonshiners vs. Revenue agents"

April 19, 2014
Michael James will be the XO of the moonshiners, and your local CEF contact for any questions..

"CEF Membership"

To all future Recruits. Please contact the commander of the unit you wish to join. Which can be found under the Units tab. From now until D-Day 2015, you should play with any CEF members in your area in as many events as you can.

Please fill out the CEF DataBase, please fill in the form as best as possible, and please include any real world skills in the remarks box. 

"CEF Logo Decal"


"Sennybridge 2014"

July 12/13 2014 - Sennybridge

"August 31, 2014 - Tippmann Challenge Australia"

more info soon

"Fulda Gap 2014"


"DDAY 2012 - Everybody, Bring a body!"

The theme for recruiting is "Everybody, Bring a Body."

I would like for everyone in the CEF to concentrate on bringing one player with you for 2012. Pick a candidate and work with them to make their ideal paintball trip come true. Past CEF vets count. If you know one, try to get them to come back.

"Official CEF Barrel Sock"


"The Battle of Little Powderhorn"

August 2-3, 2014 - The Battle of Little Powderhorn Scenario Paintball Game - Colorado

"The Citadel 2014"

May 9/10/11 2014 - The Citadel, Givet